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16 May 2019
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16 May 2019,

FBFM Special Charitable Outreach at Ojo Cantonment

This special event took place on the 16th of November, 2018 at St. Paul’s Protestant Church, Ojo Army Barracks to reach out to the widows whose soldier husbands lost their lives in the heat of the insurgency in the North.

The program also provided an avenue to establish Stonecroft Bible Studies (SBS) in the Barracks for the spiritual growth of the women.

They all got new bibles, material gifts and food stuff as part of welfare packages after the event. This gesture resonated in great joy to the widows and awesome praises to the Lord.

SBS members from the Satellite group were in attendance.

The women expressed their gratitude for the kind gesture extended to them and the Vicar in charge, Rev. Baffa thanked FBFM for the visit and generous donations to the women.


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