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1 June 2018
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1 June 2018,

New Year Special Outreach

On the 12th of January, 2018, our yearly special outreach programme with Evang. Kalejai-ye took place at No. 5, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi. Evangelist Kalejaiye spoke on a Grateful Heart. There are different types of heart in the bible thus: the hardened heart, the circumcised heart, the Merry heart, the Troubled heart, the Pure/clean heart, the wounded heart, the proud heart, the wicked heart, New heart, Ungrateful heart, a grateful heart. Using Luke 17:12-19 as his main text for the message, Evangelist Kalejaiye stressed that the bible passage reveals two categories of people in every family, church, or home. Those with a grateful heart and an ungrateful heart.

The grateful are people who show appreciation to God all the time. They give thanks to God in every situation. The grateful will always give thanks irrespective of what they are passing through. Whereas the ungrateful are the un-thankful, murmurers and complainers . A complaining tongue reveals an ungrateful heart. When last did you say thank you Jesus? Pastor Kalejaiye asked. He af-firmed that when you pray, you get God informed but when you praise, you get God involved.

The 10 lepers cried with a loud voice when they needed help. However, when they got healed, only one of them came back to give thanks to Jesus. Jesus commended the grateful but complained about the ungrateful.

If God is not commending you, it means he‘s complain-ing about your attitude.

The grateful always please the Lord. Showing apprecia-tion is an expectation from the Lord. Being grateful opens the door for other miracles to come. Giving thanks makes you thank-full. The grateful is blessed while the ungrate-ful is a lesson. Everyone we come across in life is either a blessing or a lesson.

The event ended on a joyful note as everyone went home with a heart of thanksgiving to the Almighty God and a watchword – “Thank You Jesus!”

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