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8 April 2017
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8 April 2017,

Theme: Connecting The God Of Deliverance


We bless God for His presence in our midst at the above outreach.  The MFM Choir (Mountain of Fire Ministry) as usual were at their best as they treated the audience to world class Christian music and entertainment.

The Praise/Worship rose in crescendo that moved all worshippers out of their seats in joyful worship, praise and dancing to our God and Father. All who attended will bear witness to the move of the Holy Spirit.

The top of the icing was the Ministration titled “Connecting the God of Deliverance” by our indefatigable Father-in-the-Lord, Dr. D. K. Olukoya, and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire Ministry (MFM) who divided the word of God powerfully by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He quoted from Obadiah 117 saying that we need to get to the mountain called Zion as Jesus was taken to the top of the Mountain to be tempted.  We should know that the Spirit of the Lord is upon us, as it is written in Luke 418.

He told us how David remains the greatest of all the Kings because he (David) knew what it meant to connect one’s life to the God of Deliverance with the following seven anointings which he possessed:

1). Prophetic Anointing

2). Kingly Anointing

3). Warrior Anointing

4). Priestly Anointing

5). Worship Anointing

6). Prayer Anointing

7). Deliverance Anointing

These are all the necessary anointings we must possess to be connected to the God of Deliverance.  How do we connect to the God of deliverance, he asked?

  • Through the power of prayer. The bible says that men ought to pray and not fail.
  • Always pray the correct prayers
  • Surrender your life to Jesus
  • Construct your prayers and weapons according to the enemy you are fighting.

He reminded us that Jesus came to this world to save, to heal and to deliver.  Therefore, connecting to this same God of deliverance, we must be born again and be very prayerful.

There was Altar Call and about twenty (20) people gave their lives to God, out of which two (2) of them expressed their desire to join SBS.

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