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“Women connecting with God, each other, and their communities”


At Stonecroft Bible Studies we connect with God, each other and your communities, we gather people in your communities – women, men, and couples, young and old alike-and explore together what the Bible says about Jesus Christ. Stonecroft Bible Studies will reveal His life, His values, His wonder, and His words. Each study includes discussion questions for riveting conversation, specific Scripture to investigate, and time for prayer to connect with God and each other.

Stonecroft Bible Studies make the word of God accessible to everyone. These studies allow small groups to discover the adventure of a personal relationship with God and introduce others to God’s unlimited love, grace, forgiveness, and power.

SBS (Stonecroft Bible Studies) Nigeria is the Nigerian arm of Stonecroft Bible Studies, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A, with which we have been affiliated since 1982. SBS is a Ministry with their presence in over 63 countries worldwide.

In all of these, we remain dedicated to Stonecroft core values as FBFM’s main thrust is Evangelism, Reaching the Unreached Within Reach. We also adopted the Stonecroft Slogan:


In essentials Unity
In non essentials, Charity
In all things to glorify Christ

For further details on how to start one in your area or neighbourhood, or for the name of the Co-ordinator nearest to you visit our office.

What are the Benefits?

These are just a few of the benefits of a Christmas Gathering that have encouraged so many:
  • 1An opportunity to reach out to others and build loving relationships
  • 2Learning to share the Gospel clearly and with relevance
  • 3Modeling the simplicity of prayer - talking to God about the desires of our heart.
  • 4Providing your home as a safe environment to not only hear about Jesus Christ, but also to learn about Him in His Word.
  • 5Counteracts the trend of isolation. Many people are never invited into someone’s home and they are honored to be included.
  • 6Requires only two people to initiate – host and speaker.
  • 7The privilege of experiencing the joy of trusting God.


STONECROFT BIBLE STUDIES NIGERIA (SBS) has bible studies that are suitable for new Christians. For example, we have these studies –

Beginning My New Life, Know the Truth, Life’s New Beginning.

At the Ikoyi Prisons, Lagos, Stonecroft Bible Studies in conjunction with ALPHA Nigeria, came in after the 10-week Alpha course with the inmates.

Stonecroft Bible Studies (SBS) is designed to help the just converted inmates discover, understand and apply biblical truths in an informal small group bible studies held once a week. SBS has several books for beginners. We started first with ‘Beginning My New Life’ which introduces the new Christian and those who lack assurance of their salvation to what their new life in Christ means and entails. This book was studied for five weeks with about eighty inmates. After which ‘Know The Truth’ was studied for another 5 weeks.

Know The Truth dwells on the book of Romans which helps to explain the condition of humanity before the Holy God, His provision for forgiveness of sin and the believer’s position in Christ and the power God supplies to live a life which pleases Him. After the two lessons which we believe was a great blessing to the inmates, they were very encouraged and looked forward to another lesson. During the course of studies, Bibles were given to inmates aside from the bible study materials give to them free.

It was after the Bible Studies that ALPHA Nigeria organized a Graduation Ceremony for One Hundred and Forty (140) inmates on 25th of It is the intention of Stonecroft Bible Studies in union with ALPHA Nigeria, to organize a bible study program after each ALPHA course, in order to help the new converts or disciples get acquainted with the fundamentals of Christian living.