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Power System Generation Transmission And Distribution Nptel Pdf

power system generation transmission and distribution nptel pdf

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Power System Generation. To facilitate the electric power has to be generated and transmitted to the consumers via a transmission and distribution network. In the first electric power station Pearl street Electric station in New York city went into operation.

Power System Generation Transmission And Distribution Nptel Pdf

Module 1. Goals of the lesson.. Basic idea of generation.. Changeover from to.. Thermal plant 7. Hydel plants.. Nuclear plants 8. Transmission of power.. Single line representation of power system. Link to this page:. Distribution system Answer the following Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electric power Lesson Goals of the lesson After going through the lesson you shall get a broad idea of the following: 1.

Different methods of generating electrical power. Issues involved in transporting this power to different types of consumers located generally at far off places from the generating stations. Necessity of substations to cater power to consumers at various voltage levels. Emphasis is given to create a clear mental picture of a power system to a beginner of the course Electrical Technology.

As consumers, we use electricity for various purposes such as: 1. Lighting, heating, cooling and other domestic electrical appliances used in home. Street lighting, flood lighting of sporting arena, office building lighting, powering PCs etc. Irrigating vast agricultural lands using pumps and operating cold storages for various agricultural products. Running motors, furnaces of various kinds, in industries.

Running locomotives electric trains of railways. The list above is obviously not exhaustive and could be expanded and categorized in detail further. The point is, without electricity, modern day life will simply come to a stop. In fact, the advancement of a country is measured by the index per capita consumption of electricity more it is more advanced the country is. Basic idea of generation Prior to the discovery of Faraday's Laws of electromagnetic discussion, electrical power was available from batteries with limited voltage and current levels.

However, due to limitation of the machine to generate voltage beyond few hundred volts, it was not economical to transmit large amount of power over a long distance. Thus generation, transmission and distribution of power were restricted to area of few Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur kilometer radius with no interconnections between generating plants. Changeover from to In later half of eighties, in nineteenth century, it was proposed to have a power system with 3- phase, 50 Hz generation, transmission and distribution networks.

Once system was adopted, transmission of large power MW at higher transmission voltage become a reality by using transformers. Level of voltage could be changed virtually to any other desired level with transformers which was hitherto impossible with system. In fact, his arguments in favor of supply system own the debate on switching over from to system.

However, it was found that 3-phase power generation at 50 Hz will be economical and most suitable. Present day three phase generators, used to generate 3-phase power are called alternators synchronous generators. The three coils are so placed in space that there axes are mutually apart as shown in figure From the terminals of the armature, 3-phase power is obtained.

Rotor houses a field coil and excited by The field coil produces flux and electromagnetic poles on the rotor surface. If the rotor is driven by an external agency, the flux linkages with three stator coils becomes sinusoidal function of time and sinusoidal voltage is induced in them. A salient pole alternator has projected poles as shown in figure a.

It has non uniform air gap and is generally used where speed is low. On the other hand a non salient pole alternator has uniform air gap figure b and used when speed is high. Driven at n rps by Driven at n rps by prime mover prime mover Field N. Frequency of the generated voltage is standardized to 50 HZ in our country and several European countries. The following table gives the rpm at which the generators with different number of poles are to be driven in order to generate 50 Hz voltage.

As per the conventional earthquake-resistant design philosophy, structuresthe are designed. Linear , Seismic , Structure , Response , Linear seismic response of structures. Corrosion costs manifest in the form of premature Control , Corrosion , Of corrosion. Therefore, apart from the.

Lecture , Fixed. Lecture , Aromatic , Production , Lecture 7 aromatic production. Module 8 : Surface Chemistry Lecture 37 : Surface Characterization Techniques Objectives After studying this lecture, you will be able to do the following:. Lecture , Surfaces , Chemistry , Technique , Characterization , Surface chemistry lecture 37 , Surface characterization techniques.

Such rearrangement takes place in reforming reactors in presence of catalyst by way of numerous complex reactions. Table M- VI …. Catalytic , Reforming , Catalytic reforming. Properties and Applications of Materials. Properties and typical application of some low carbon and Heat treated alloys are stronger but have lower ductility. Applications , Material , Heat , Properties , Properties and applications of materials. Design , Construction , Soil , Institute , Walls , Reinforced , Retaining , Reinforced soil retaining walls design and , Reinforced soil retaining walls design and construction.

Combination , Resistor , Resistor combinations. Requirements R1. Each Transmission Planner shall provide the following requested information to the Generator Owner within 90 calendar days of receiving a written request: [Violation Risk …. Introduction , Power , Transmissions. Electric , Power , Transmissions , Electric power.

Introduction , Electric , Vehicle , Introduction to electric vehicles. System , Generation , Requirements , Transmissions , Interconnection , Requirements for transmission system , Requirements for transmission system interconnections to generation. Example: dental hygienist. Thank you for your participation! Show more. Documents from same domain. Chapter 7 Non - linear Seismic Response of Structures nptel.

Lecture 1 Corrosion : Introduction Definitions and … nptel. Module 8 : Surface Chemistry Lecture 37 : Surface … nptel. Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls-Design and … nptel. Related documents. Introduction - NERC www. Electric Power Generation, Transmission , and … jfgieras. Requirements for transmission system … www.


Where to find gate study material for electrical engineering exam? All these courses are available in video format and web format. Eddy Current Braking 2. Lesson 35 D Nptel Lesson 35 - nptel. Inventory Control Model 5.

Once a.c system was adopted, transmission of large power (MW) at higher transmission voltage become a reality by using transformers. Level of voltage could be.

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Kothari and I. Nagrath Study. Modern Power System Analysis - D. Kothari, I.


Smaller power systems are also found in industry, hospitals, commercial buildings, and homes. Generation of electrical power is a process whereby energy is transformed into an electrical form. There are several different transformation processes, among which are chemical, photo-voltaic, and electromechanical.

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Module 1. Goals of the lesson.. Basic idea of generation.. Changeover from to.. Thermal plant 7. Hydel plants.. Nuclear plants 8.

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Power System Handwritten Study Notes

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Introduction to Smart Grid

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