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Journal of Computer Science and Technology JCST is an international forum for scientists and engineers involved in all aspects of computer science and technology to publish high quality, refereed papers. The journal is jointly published by Science Press of China and Springer on a bimonthly basis in English. The journal offers survey and review articles from experts in the field, promoting insight and understanding of the state of the art, and trends in technology.

Journal of Imaging Science & Technology

Category: Operations and Logistics Management. The development of information technology is highly influential to all sectors, including the financial industry. Various transformations are made in overcoming the…. The purpose of this paper is to quantify and evaluate transport sustainability from an integrated perspective. It is argued that transportation systems being…. The purpose of this paper is three-fold. The first objective is to contextualize and clarify the concepts of regional innovation systems and entrepreneurship, addressing….

Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management

Display Method:. Abstract: Recently, the diagnoses of dental caries and other dental issues are in a queue as only X-ray-based techniques are available in most hospitals around the world. Terahertz THz parametric imaging TPI is the latest technology that can be applied for medical applications, especially dental caries. This technology is harmless and thus suitable for biological samples owing to the low energy of THz emission. In this paper, a developed TPI system is used to investigate the two-dimensional 2D and three-dimensional 3D images of different samples from human teeth. After analyzing the measured images of human teeth, the results suggest that the novel THz parametric technology is capable of investigating the inner side structure of the teeth. This technique can be useful in detecting the defects in all types of human and animal teeth.

Journal of Science Education and Technology is an interdisciplinary forum for the publication of original peer-reviewed, contributed and invited research articles of the highest quality that address the intersection of science education and technology with implications for improving and enhancing science education at all levels across the world. Topics covered can be categorized as disciplinary biology, chemistry, physics, as well as some applications of computer science and engineering, including the processes of learning, teaching and teacher development , technological hardware, software, deigned and situated environments involving applications characterized as with, through and in , and organizational legislation, administration, implementation and teacher enhancement. Insofar as technology plays an ever-increasing role in our understanding and development of science disciplines, in the social relationships among people, information and institutions, the journal includes it as a component of science education. The journal provides a stimulating and informative variety of research papers that expand and deepen our theoretical understanding while providing practice and policy based implications in the anticipation that such high-quality work shared among a broad coalition of individuals and groups will facilitate future efforts. Journal of Science Education and Technology uses a double-blind review process. Issue 1, February

Walailak Journal of Science and Technology (WJST)

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An invaluable avenue for JIST to concentrate on contemporary emerging or innovative research subjects within the purview of imaging technologies is to publish high impact special issues focusing on a selected topic with thorough theoretical analyses and empirical treatments. We look forward to hearing your ideas. To provide the imaging community documentation on a broad range of imaging research, development, and applications as a way to promote communication and understanding across the boundaries of the many disciplines involved in modern imaging. In the spirit of fostering constructive scientific dialog, the Journal accepts Letters to the Editor commenting on previously published articles. Periodically the Journal features a Special Section containing a group of related— usually invited—papers introduced by a Guest Editor. Imaging research topics that have coverage in JIST include:. Five-year impact factor: 0.

Kyiv: SUIT, Volume Issue 2. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Current Issue Vol 10 No 2 : History of science and technology. Published:

Over the last half-century, new discoveriesfrom many diferent areas of science, technology, engineering,mathematics, and medicine have.

Female green treefrogs inflate their lungs to dampen out sound and hone in on a potential suitor from their species. The high-energy particles that come from the Sun could pose a radiation risk to astronauts and people travelling in planes. The bats navigate using echolocation calls that "would be like a whisper to us. It is the first orbital class, air-launched, liquid-fuelled rocket to reach space.

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