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Measures Of Dispersion Skewness And Kurtosis Pdf

measures of dispersion skewness and kurtosis pdf

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However, not every one of them is inhabited. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near nothing as makes no odds, so the average population of all the planets in the Universe can be said to be zero. From this it follows that the population of the whole Universe is also zero, and that any people you may meet from time to time are merely products of a deranged imagination. A measure of central tendency is meant to give us an indication of the most likely value in our data, or the point around which our data cluster. The most familiar sort of descriptive statistics and most important measure of central tendency would likely be the mean, or average.

Difference Between Dispersion and Skewness

In this Chapter we will focus on basic descriptions of the data, and these initial forrays are built around measures of the central tendency of the data the mean, median, mode and the dispersion and variability of the data standard deviations and their ilk. The materials covered in this and the next two chapters concern a broad discussion that will aid us in understanding our data better prior to analysing it, and before we can draw inference from it. In this work flow it emerges that descriptive statistics generally precede inferential statistics. Let us now turn to some of the most commonly used descriptive statistics, and learn about how to calculate them. This is a simple toy example. In real life, however, our data will be available in a tibble initially perhaps captured in MS Excel before importing it as a.


Quantitative data can be described by measures of central tendency, dispersion, and "shape". Central tendency is described by median, mode, and the means there are different means- geometric and arithmetic. Dispersion is the degree to which data is distributed around this central tendency, and is represented by range, deviation, variance, standard deviation and standard error. Richards, Derek. Previous chapter: Different types of data Next chapter: Parametric and non-parametric tests. All SAQs related to this topic.

measures of dispersion skewness and kurtosis pdf

Measures of Location and Dispersion and their appropriate uses

Measures of location describe the central tendency of the data. They include the mean, median and mode. Their calculation is described in example 1, below.

In statistics , dispersion also called variability , scatter , or spread is the extent to which a distribution is stretched or squeezed. Dispersion is contrasted with location or central tendency , and together they are the most used properties of distributions. A measure of statistical dispersion is a nonnegative real number that is zero if all the data are the same and increases as the data become more diverse. Most measures of dispersion have the same units as the quantity being measured. In other words, if the measurements are in metres or seconds, so is the measure of dispersion.

Some of the variables in the GSS have been recoded to make them easier to use and some new variables have been created. The data have been weighted according to the instructions from the National Opinion Research Center. You have permission to use this exercise and to revise it to fit your needs.

Descriptive Statistics and Normality Tests for Statistical Data

Measures of central tendency are difficult to interpret unless accompanied by an indication of the variability of the data from which they derive. Average elevation above sea-level, for example, does not mean very much in an area where high mountains are dissected by equally deep valleys. It means a great deal more in a relatively flat area. A place that experiences violent extremes of temperature during the course of a year can possess the same mean annual temperature as a place where the temperature hardly changes.

Descriptive summary measure Helps characterize data Variation of observations Determine degree of dispersion of observations about the center of the distribution. Simplest and easiest to use Difference between the highest and the lowest observation. Disadvantages Description of data is not comprehensive Affected by outliers Smaller for small samples; larger for large samples Cannot be computed when there is an open-ended class interval. Describe variation of the measurements Average squared difference of each observation from the mean May also be used as a measure of how good the mean is as a measure of central tendency Unit of the variance is the squared unit of the observations People tend to use standard deviation for easier interpretation. Sample Variance Denoted by s2 n elements Statistic Estimate value of the population variance.

The degree of variations is often expressed in terms of numerical data for the sole purpose of comparison in statistical theory and analysis. However, it does not specify any particular way to determine the composition of series. Because of which additional measures are required to enlighten us on how items vary from one another or around the average. To understand the much detailed concepts of quantitative analysis in statistics we use measures of dispersion and skewness. Dispersion is a measure of range of distribution around the central location whereas skewness is a measure of asymmetry in a statistical distribution. In statistics, dispersion is a measure of how distributed the data is meaning it specifies how the values within a data set differ from one another in size. It is the range to which a statistical distribution is spread around a central point.

What is Dispersion?

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Statistical dispersion

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