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Tax Related Questions And Answers Pdf

tax related questions and answers pdf

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Taxation Interview Questions & Answers

Surcharge of 10 per cent is payable by an individual where the total income exceeds: a Rs. Family pension received by a widow of a member of the armed forces where the death of the member has occurred in the course of the operational duties, is a Exempt up to Rs. In respect of shares held as investment, while computing the capital gains, securities transaction tax paid in respect of sale of listed shares sold in a recognized stock exchange, a Is deductible up to Rs. Gift of Rs 5,00, received on 10 July, through account payee cheque from a non-relative regularly assessed to income-tax, is a A capital receipt not chargeable to tax b Chargeable as other sources c Chargeable to tax as business income d Exempt up to Rs. For an employee in receipt of hostel expenditure allowance for his three children, the maximum annual allowance exempt under section 10 14 is a Rs. For an industrial undertaking fulfilling the conditions, additional depreciation in respect of a machinery costing Rs.

The details of the transactions entered into by A Ltd. During the year are given hereunder: Prior to financial year, A Ltd. Immediately after purchase, the company exported the same to China. Unit — 5 5. C L Ltd. The remuneration received by Indian officials working in Indian embassy in Country L is exempt but in Country Y is taxable. The Govt.

Someone who has experience preparing taxes provides your company with a great asset. They have completed the state's minimum requirements for the position and are familiar with tax laws. You want a candidate who is interested in continuing their education and who stays abreast of the latest tax regulations and codes. They may have completed formal training through a community college or other local program. What to look for in an answer:.

5 Tax Preparer Interview Questions and Answers

Are you preparing for Taxation interview? Tax is what government impose on taxpayers to fund the public expenditures. In case of failing to pay the tax, government can punish you in law. There are several fields where tax is paid like house tax, road tax, water tax. By bringing up GST into every sector, lot of money is returned to government as funds. Having experienced in calculating the tax values will make you attend interview easily.

Public Finance Harvey S. Rosen 10 3. You sure need to pass this exam, and believe me, you will. Income Tax Question Papers - Get the complete details about Income tax inspector job, exam pattern, syllabus and previous year question paper in PDf format with answers. Principle of certainty: C. Principle of secrecy: D.

Taxation Interview Questions and Answers

Taxation Interview Questions and Answers This section covers commonly asked and expert level Taxation Interview questions and answers. The types of questions covered are general, conceptual, behavioral, situational and experience based. You can also find interesting examples and sample answers with each question.

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public finance and taxation questions and answers pdf

If you are an accountant or finance person handling all GST compliance, looking for a job. Then you should checkout these interview questions to prepare for your next job interview. Vskills Certifications Why Vskills Search.

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Income Tax MCQs 2020-21 | Income Tax Laws and Practice MCQs | Objective Questions and Answers


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    Question 2. Distinguish between tax planning and tax evasion. Answer allowed as revenue expenditure even though it was related to a manufacturing activity.

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    In this page you get income tax objective types questions with answers which are asked in various exams of Dibrugarh University, Gauhati University and Assam University.

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