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List Of Conventional Signs And Symbols Used In Maps Pdf

list of conventional signs and symbols used in maps pdf

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A topographic map is a detailed and accurate two-dimensional representation of natural and human-made features on the Earth's surface. These maps are used for a number of applications, from camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking to urban planning, resource management, and surveying.

Map symbols

Sheet size: x mm There are 16 sheets covering the whole territory and Sheet 1 is used as a title and legend sheet. Printed in colour and with contours depicted at 20m interval, this general purpose map series serves many purposes and is often used by schools in the teaching of map reading. Scouts and hikers also find this very suitable for use in hiking and orienteering activities. This map comprises of two sheets depicting the whole territory of Hong Kong. It is printed in colour on both sides with hill shading and layer tinting.

Characteristics sheets or legends are crucial for interpreting the symbols and features used on early Ordnance Survey maps. However, Ordnance Survey did not regularly publish this information in a standard form for many map series in the 19th century, so this collection has a particular value and some items may be unique. We are very grateful to the Aurelius Trust for funding the conservation and digitisation of this collection. The set below is ordered roughly by scale, with a set of "miscellaneous" items at the end which cover various scales:. Ordnance Survey Characteristic Sheets. About Contact Site map Copyright Privacy.

Types of symbols used in Surveying Maps, Planning, Road & Railway maps

A symbol is an abstraction or pictorial representation of something else. Symbols on a map consist of discrete points, lines, or shaded areas; they have size, form, and usually color. Map symbols present information collectively, leading to appreciation of form, relative position, distribution, and structure. Locations of symbols on a map are controlled by positions on the ground, an element of cartography that cannot be changed Keates, By digitization, symbols are conveniently stored and reproduced by computer. Although the origin of symbols used in communication is lost in antiquity, they receive ever-increasing use in technical applications. Letters of the alphabet are essentially symbols of voice sounds, and numerals convey the concept of precise quantities.

Map Legend Symbols This should help develop a theoretical basis for how brains recognize symbols and, in turn, provide a platform for creating new symbols. The various features shown on a map are represented by conventional signs or symbols. The signs and symbols used in a map are called as Conventional symbols. Conventional Symbols are symbols that are used on maps to represent different features. In cartography, the principles of cognition are important since they explain why certain map symbols work.

list of conventional signs and symbols used in maps pdf

Various point symbols are used to depict features such as buildings, campgrounds, springs, water tanks, mines, survey control points, and wells. Names of.

conventional signs and symbols used in maps

Symbols are used in topographic maps to identify cultural and natural features. Symbols come in different shapes, sizes and colors to uniquely identify such features on the map. Cultural features include roads, trails, buildings, boundaries, railways, power transmission lines, pipeline, campgrounds, mines, dams, recreation areas, Natural features may include water rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands and swamps, rapids , relief mountains, valleys, canyons, and other landforms, Toponomy or feature and place names are added to provide textual information about features.

Conventional signs and symbols. Features which have to be repeatedly represented on maps are depicted by special signs and symbols. The signs bear some pictorial resemblance to the original feature and their meaning is quiet clear. Some conventional signs need to be studied closely before they can be recognised.

The military has many personnel who are experts in reading topographic maps. Relief shown by contours, hachures, and spot heights on some maps.

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