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Types Of Computer Cables And Connectors Pdf

types of computer cables and connectors pdf

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Speaking of computer cable types, everything would just be so much easier if we would just use their complete names. Indeed, what makes it so complicated to understand their different uses and functions is that we call them by their abbreviations. Here is a list of the main computer cables explained, that should guide you through the wire mess. Unless you work in the computing field and even so , some of the following cables we are going to talk about may seem alien to you. Its function is to connect the computer and the monitor together.

Computer Cable types and descriptions

Alternatively referred to as a cord , connector or plug , a cable is one or more wires covered in plastic that transmit power or data between devices or locations. The picture is an example of what the power cord may look like for your computer or monitor. The power cord is one example of thousands of other cables found in and around computers. There are two main types of computer cables, a data cable and a power cable. A data cable is a cable that provides communication between devices. For example, the data cable i. A power cable is any cable that powers the device.

What Are the Different Computer Cable Types You Should Know as a User.docx

Do you really need to know the differences between USB 1. Is FireWire related to Firewall? Sometimes it can get just a bit confusing. In the end, the responsibility is left to the consumer to learn all of the different types of cables before making a solid decision. More recently, it has faded out of popularity due to the gradual shift towards digital connections over analog. Digital displays, like LCD, proved to be higher quality, which soon became the market standard for home pictures.

A Computerr Port is an interface or a point of connection between the computer and its peripheral devices. Some of the common peripherals are mouse, keyboard, monitor or display unit, printer, speaker, flash drive etc. The main function of a computer port is to act as a point of attachment, where the cable from the peripheral can be plugged in and allows data to flow from and to the device. A computer port is also called as a Communication Port as it is responsible for communication between the computer and its peripheral device. Generally, the female end of the connector is referred to as a port and it usually sits on the motherboard. In Computers, communication ports can be divided into two types based on the type or protocol used for communication.

Here's an overview of the most common computer cable types you'll encounter when dealing with computers. VGA Cable. Also known as D-sub cable, analog video cable. DVI Cable. Connect one end to: computer monitor. PS/2 Cable. Ethernet Cable. mm Audio Cable. USB Cable. Computer Power Cord (Kettle Plug).

A Visual Guide to Computer Cables and Connectors

Note: If you're hooking up a television to your computer, then we would recommend that you use a HDMI cable as your PC cable connection since it is able to transmit both display and sound - So you can not only use your TV screen as a monitor, but also make use of your TV speakers to play PC audio. How to tell USB 2. Since USB was intended to be the one computer cable connection to replace them all, it's no surprise that the possible uses for a USB port are quite mind-blowing.

Network Cable Connectors Types and Specifications

Learn how to identify computer cable connections and hook up your computer in minutes today Let's begin with display cables. If your monitor accepts two or more cables types e. If your CPU has integrated graphics and you install a discrete graphics card, you'll end up with two sets of display ports. Note: If you're hooking up a television to your computer, then we would recommend that you use a HDMI cable as your PC cable connection since it is able to transmit both display and sound - So you can not only use your TV screen as a monitor, but also make use of your TV speakers to play PC audio. How to tell USB 2.

Computer cables are confusing to most users. You may also refer to this guide for ideas on how to hook different devices using commonly available connectors and converters. You can use USB cables to connect most new devices to your computer including flash memory sticks, portable media players, internet modems and digital cameras. Computer accessories like mice, keyboards, webcams, portable hard-drives, microphones, printers, scanners and speakers can also be connected to the computer through USB ports. Additionally, USB cables are also used for charging a variety of gadgets including mobile phones or for transferring data from one computer to another. The other end of the USB cable may have different connectors including USB-B a square connector commonly used with printers, external hard drives, and larger devices or smaller connectors such as the Mini-USB and Micro-USB that are commonly used with portable devices such as media players and phones.

COMPUTER CABLE ASSEMBLIES. KEYBOARD & MOUSE CABLE. • Din 5 Pin or Mini Din 6 Pin. • AT, PS-2 Type Keyboard or Mouse Extension Cable.

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Computer cables are overwhelming. There are so many standards, acronyms, and terms to know. Are DisplayPort and Thunderbolt the same thing? In the end, consumers like you and me are left on our own to learn all the different cable types. Wouldn't it be great if there was a single source of information that highlighted the important details between different types of computer cables? You've come to the right place. Here's an overview of the most common computer cable connector types you might find around your home, from monitor cables to network cables.

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Network Cable Types and Specifications

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16 Types of Computer Ports and Their Functions

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