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agile methodology questions and answers pdf

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Lesson 9 of 10 By Rahul Arun. Scrum is a popular Agile framework that incorporates the best principles that Agile has to offer. Thanks to this, Scrum has found widespread acceptance and usage by several organizations across the world. Scrum is an Agile framework that can help teams work together. Scrum can enable teams to learn from experiences, self-organize while working on problems, to reflect on their victories and failures, to make improvements.

Top 60 Agile Interview Questions -You Must Know in 2021

Attending an agile interview and wondering what are all the questions and discussions you will go through? No matter how capable you are or how much experience and knowledge you possess, at the end of the day, interviews are about how do you present yourself, how well you manage to put your knowledge into answering the questions in the most suitable way. Hence, it is always preferable to do a bit of research before an interview. Revise answers, brush up our skills. Recently, the Agile Methodology has gained traction in the industry, with an increasing number of companies incorporating the concept into their organizational infrastructure.

As a result, job postings in this domain is increasing rapidly. If you, too, wish to land a promising job in the IT sector, you must be well-versed in the Agile Methodology. In this article, we will be looking at some most important agile interview questions and answers. There are certain agile methodology questions that are generally asked in an interview. The first question of agile interview question tests your knowledge about the basic of agile testing.

Agile testing is a practice based on the principles of agile software development. It includes all members of an agile team with specific skills and a certain expertise to ensure the timely delivery of a product with the release of additional features at frequent intervals. This is the most commonly asked agile interview question. In agile methodology, features of the software are delivered frequently, so that the testing activity is done simultaneously with the development activity.

Testing time is shortened as only small features are need be tasted at once. While, in the waterfall model, testing activities take place at the end of the entire development process.

Testing time, in this case, is as long as the entire product is to be tested in one go. Waterfall methodology is a closed process where all stakeholders are not involved in the development process whereas agile methodology requires the involvement of various stakeholders including customers.

Learn more about agile vs waterfall. This is one of the most frequently asked agile interview questions. The traditional methodology is suited for projects with predefined, clearly stated requirements while agile development methodology is suitable for projects with dynamic requirements where frequent changes in the product come up on a regular basis.

What are the different types of Agile Methodologies? An agile interview question and answers guide will not complete without this question. There are several types of agile development methodology. Scrum is one of the most popular and widely used agile methods. XP teams are more flexible as they can change their iterations while Scrum teams do not allow any change in their iterations.

The product owner prioritizes the product backlog but the team decides the sequence in which they will develop the backlog items in scrum methodology. Whereas XP team works in strict priority order, features developed are prioritized by the customers.

It aims at increasing the speed of software development and decreasing cost. The agile process itself is a lean method for software development lifecycle. However, activities like backlog grooming when team review items on the backlog to ensure the appropriate items are in the backlog, that they are prioritized well, and that the items at the top of the backlog are ready for delivery code refactoring process of restructuring existing computer code — changing the factoring — without changing its external behavior fits agile methodology more in tune with lean principles.

Kanban is a tool which helps the team to keep a close eye the work i. Kanban board aids in writing the whole scenario of a project at a single place to give a perfect picture of the bottleneck, a task done, workflow progress. It helps in the continuous delivery of the product without overburdening the team. Yes, the iterative methodology is a process of software development without any interruption. In this method, software development cycles consisting of sprint and release are repeated until the final product is obtained.

Whereas, the incremental model is a process of software development where the product is designed, implemented and tested incrementally until the product is finished.

It involves both development and maintenance. To track the progress of an ongoing project, these charts are used. Burn-up charts indicate the work that has been completed while Burn-down chart shows the amount of remaining work in a project. Can you explain pair programming and its benefits? The combined effort in the team where one programmer writes the code and the other one reviews it is called pair programming.

There are several benefits of pair programming, it not only improves the quality of code but also facilitates the knowledge transfer. It reduces the chance of mistakes as two people are simultaneously working on a code.

It refers to the scaling of the daily Scrum meeting. In this scenario, each team is responsible for conducting and leading its separate scrum meeting.

However, to maintain coordination and communication among all the different teams, a separate meeting must be conducted wherein all the teams participate.

The main idea behind this is to encourage Agile teams to collaborate and coordinate their work with each other. Velocity is one of the planning tool used to estimate the speed of the work and time of completion of the project.

How to Become a Full Stack Developer According to you what are some qualities that a good agile tester must have? A competent agile tester must possess the following qualities:. This is one of the important agile interview questions. Major responsibilities that a scrum team has to include:. A critical agile interview question you need to be aware of.

Agile and Scrum have their fair share of similarities and differences. Since Scrum is a part of the Agile Methodology, both of them promote the completion of projects incrementally in small fragments. Also, both methodologies are iterative in nature. However, the main difference between Agile and Scrum is that the former has a broader spectrum.

While Agile Methodology is used for project management, Scrum is ideal for projects where the requirements change rapidly. In the Agile Methodology, leadership holds the most pivotal position, whereas Scrum encourages the creation of a self-organizing and cross-functional team. In Agile Methodology, Zero Sprint refers to the first step that comes before the first sprint. So, it is more like a pre-step to the first sprint. Thus, Zero Sprint would include a host of activities that are to be completed before starting a project, including setting up the development environment, preparing backlog, and other such tasks that are usually done before beginning the actual development process.

The duration of a Scrum Sprint or the Scrum Cycle primarily depends on the project size and the team working on it. A Scrum team may consist of members, and it takes about weeks to draft and complete a Scrum script. Going by this calculation, the average duration of a Scrum Sprint is four weeks. One of the popular agile interview questions. The Scrum Master is the leader and supervisor of the Scrum team.

The main job of the Scrum Master is to ensure that the team abides by the Agile values and principles and follows the agreed-upon processes and practices. Some of the most crucial responsibilities of the Scrum Master are:.

Although the two terms may sound similar, Sprint Planning Meeting and Sprint Retrospective Meeting are quite different from one another. A Sprint Planning Meeting involves all the Scrum roles — product owner, scrum team, and scrum master — coming together to discuss the project priorities and backlog items. Usually, the Sprint Planning Meeting is a weekly event that lasts for about an hour. A Sprint Retrospective Meeting, on the other hand, is one where all the Scrum roles product owner, scrum team, and scrum master come together to discuss the good and bad elements of the sprint and the sprint improvements.

This meeting is generally an extension of the Sprint Planning Meeting and can last up to two to three hours. Apart from these agile methodology interview questions, questions based on your previous experience in case you are already acquainted with agile methodology can be asked by the interviewer. You might want to revisit your on-the-job learnings and prepare answers to questions like:.

With that, we come to the end of our list of agile interview questions and answers guide. Although these agile interview questions are selected from a vast pool of probable questions, these are the ones you are most likely to face. Most companies practise agile development in one form or another, thanks to the features it has to offer. If you wish to make a flourishing software development career, what are waiting for?

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Agile Testing is a practice that a QA follows in a dynamic environment where testing requirements keep changing according to the customer needs. It is done parallel to the development activity where testing team receives frequent small codes from the development team for testing. Burn-up and burn-down charts are used to keep track the progress of the project. Burn-up charts represent how much work has been completed in any project whereas Burn-down chart represents the remaining work in a project. Define the roles in Scrum? Product backlog is maintained by the project owner which contains every feature and requirement of the product.

Agile is used in almost the majority of the organizations by now. Each member of the agile and scrum team is responsible to play an important role in the organization. For this, the interviewer seeks candidates with some good knowledge of Agile and Scrum concepts. So, it becomes essential to prepare yourself for some common and frequently asked Agile Scrum interview questions. Currently, there are plenty of openings in the area of agile in the IT market and people are going through the interview process for the same.

Download PDF 1 As a tester what should be your approach when requirements change continuously? When requirement keeps changing, continuously agile tester should take following approach Write generic test plans and test cases, which focuses on the intent of the requirement rather than its exact details To understand the scope of change, work closely with the product owners or business analyst Make sure team understand the risks involved in changing requirements especially at the end of the sprint Until the feature is stable, and the requirements are finalized, it is best to wait if you are going to automate the feature Changes can be kept to a minimum by negotiating or implement the changes in the next sprint 2 List out the pros and cons of exploratory testing used in Agile and scripted testing? Pros Cons Exploratory Testing - It requires less preparation- Easy to modify when requirement changes- Works well when documentation is scarce - Presenting progress and Coverage to project management is difficult Scripted Testing - In case testing against legal or regulatory requirements it is very useful - Test preparation is usually time-consuming- Same steps are tested over and again- When requirement changes it is difficult to modify 3 Explain the difference between Extreme programming and Scrum? Scrum Extreme Programing XP - Scrum teams usually have to work in iterations called sprints which usually last up to two weeks to one month long - XP team works in iteration that last for one or two weeks - Scrum teams do not allow change into their sprints - XP teams are more flexible and change their iterations - In scrum, the product owner prioritizes the product backlog but the team decides the sequence in which they will develop the backlog items - XP team work in strict priority order, features developed are prioritized by the customer - Scrum does not prescribe any engineering practices - XP does prescribe engineering practices 4 What is an epic, user stories and task? Epic: A customer described software feature that is itemized in the product backlog is known as epic. Epics are sub-divided into stories User Stories: From the client perspective user stories are prepared which defines project or business functions, and it is delivered in a particular sprint as expected.

Top Agile Interview Questions & Answers · 1. What is Agile Testing? · 2. How is Agile Methodology different than Traditional Waterfall process? · 3.

Top 40 Agile Scrum Interview Questions (Updated)

What is a test stub? Answer: A small code which mimics a specific component in the system and can replace it.

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Top 30 Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers in 2021

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    Sashimi in scrum methodology means every phase of the software development cycle in a sprint which includes requirement analysis, planning & design.

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