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Human Territoriality Its Theory And History Pdf

human territoriality its theory and history pdf

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Best [PDF] Human Territoriality: Its Theory and History (Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography)

When the term "territoriality" appeared, at a fairly late stage , in writing and in usage, it mainly had a legal and ethological meaning. Thus there has been reference to the territoriality of legislation, in the sense that all the inhabitants of a given territory are obliged to comply with that legislation, or be confronted with the legal coercion of the institutional power. After being legal and political, the term then became geographical, in reference to an evolving and changing relationship i. For a long time, geographers only retained the collective dimension of the term, specific to a community or a social group. Consequently, both the individual and the group draw from it feelings and arguments that forge their identities. The complex notion of territoriality in the representations and imaginary worlds of the various protagonists takes the form of a sort of cognitive interleaving, variously shared by the protagonists in a given social space.

Skip to main content. Search box. Vollaard, J. Is the EU evolving towards a state, an empire or another type of political organization? And how can the changing significance of territory be indicated and explained? It avoids taking the territorial state and the principle of territoriality for granted in examining the significance of territory. Following Robert Sack, territoriality is defined as the strategy to control people and phenomena by demarcating a geographical area.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Robinson and Robert D. Robinson , Robert D. Imagine that you get such certain awesome experience and knowledge by only reading a book.

Best [PDF] Human Territoriality: Its Theory and History (Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography)

The Cordillera del Condor in the Ecuadorian Amazon has been analyzed frequently in the literature of extractivism in Latin America, due to the current mining pressure on this territory. Mining is, however, the most recent in a long history of territorial transformations in the region. The production of territory in the Cordillera del Condor is the result of a complex historical accumulation of events, motivated by the political economy of the country that has transformed the people and its land. By studying the main events of state deterritorialization, this article examines multiple socio-spatial relations that occurred in the Cordillera del Condor. This article identifies three main events of state deterritorialization: 1 colonization and evangelization, 2 the Ecuador-Peru war and 3 large-scale mining.

Excepting East Jerusalem, Israel has made no move to formally annex the territories. Neither are they withdrawing, which is made clear by continuous settlement growth. One of the three requirements of territoriality is delimiting the area under control. In stark contrast to this, I suggest the territorial logic of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip represents what I term unbounded territoriality , a form of territorial control best exercised by not delimiting boundaries. This form of territoriality complicates the connection between sovereignty and territory in the nation-state system. Given the centrality of land, territory, and sovereignty to settler colonial formations, it is unsurprising that geographers and other scholars working on such topics are increasingly finding settler colonial studies fruitful in their research agendas. It also limits the nature, depth, and scope of radical critique of violent domination by skirting certain questions about the core drivers of dispossession and responsibility for them.

PDF | On Mar 1, , A Paasi published Sack, R.D. Human territoriality: its theory and history. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Journal of Political Ecology

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Territoriality (nonverbal communication)

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Request PDF | On Mar 1, , J Agnew published Sack, R.D. Human territoriality: its theory and history. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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