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Corporate Reputation Managing Opportunities And Threats Pdf

corporate reputation managing opportunities and threats pdf

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Corporate Reputation - E-bog

Increasing media scrutiny, global coverage and communication via the internet means corporate reputation can be damaged quickly, and failing to successfully address challenges to corporate reputation has consequences. Companies generally suffer almost ten times the financial loss from damaged reputations than from whatever fines may be imposed. So recognizing potential threats, or anticipating risks, emerges as a critical organizational competence. Organizations can regain lost reputations, but recovery takes a long time. Corporate Reputation contains both academic content along with practical contributions, developed by those serving as consultants or working in organizations in the area of corporate reputation and its management or recovery. It covers: why corporate reputation matters, the increase in reputation loss, threats to corporate reputation, monitoring reputation threats online and offline, the key role of leadership in reputation recovery, and making corporate reputation immune from threats.

Corporate reputation in the era of Web 2.0: the case of Primark

The exponential growth of the Internet and social media SM in the recent years has contributed to changing the communication environment in which stakeholders as their users may post and distribute their opinions about the company and its products. This generates a number of potential threats to the image and reputation of both people and organizations. Companies cannot ignore this fact and should use SM not only as an additional communication marketing channel but also in a broader context - as a tool to build and protect their reputation. This article aims to identify the extent and directions of the use of SM in the activities of companies operating on the Polish market in the area of reputation management. The results of research showed that Polish companies recognize the potential of SM and try to apply them in their marketing efforts. In the approach to the SM as a communication channel, the traditional way of thinking dominates, in which they are treated as just another promotional tool used by two departments: marketing and public relations PR.

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The influence of company reputation or what is often referred to as corporate reputation on branding strategy and producing intangible asset for different industries has been researched in western countries, but there is a gap for the generalizability of findings to countries out of the United State and Europe. The obtained results using SEM by P. This study is a pioneering attempt in Iran to measure the impact of corporate reputation on brand differentiation strategy. However, a good recognition of a company also helps the customer to decide better. The signals sent by a firm through its reputation, advertisements, and products price are usually interpreted differently by their customers.

Corporate reputation – a value creating strategy

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