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Effects Of Tropical Deforestation On Climate And Agriculture Pdf

effects of tropical deforestation on climate and agriculture pdf

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Possible climatic impacts of tropical deforestation

Deforestation is associated with increased atmospheric CO 2 and alterations to the surface energy and mass balances that can lead to local and global climate changes. Previous modelling studies show that the global surface air temperature SAT response to deforestation depends on latitude, with most simulations showing that high latitude deforestation results in cooling, low latitude deforestation causes warming and that the mid latitude response is mixed. These earlier conclusions are based on simulated large scal land cover change, with complete removal of trees from whole latitude bands. All high latitude deforestation scenarios reduce mean global SAT, the opposite occurring for low latitude deforestation, although a decrease in SAT is simulated over low latitude deforested areas. Mid latitude SAT response is mixed. In all simulations deforested areas tend to become drier and have lower SAT, although soil temperatures increase over deforested mid and low latitude grid cells.

Large-scale conversion of tropical forests into pastures or annual crops will likely lead to changes in the local microclimate of those regions. Larger diurnal fluctuations of surface temperature and humidity deficit, increased surface runoff during rainy periods and decreased runoff during the dry season, and decreased soil moistrue are to be expected. It is likely that evapotranspiration will be reduced because of less available radiative energy at the canopy level since grass presents a higher albedo than forests, also because of the reduced availability of soil moisture at the rooting zone primarily during the dry season. Recent results from general circulation model GCM simulations of Amazonian deforestation seem to suggest that the equilibrium climate for a grassy vegetation in Amazonia would be one in which regional precipitation would be significantly reduced. Global climate changes probably will occur if there is a marked change in rainfall patterns in tropical forest regions as a result of deforestation. Besides that, biomass burning of tropical forests is likely adding CO 2 into the atmosphere, thus contributing to the enhanced greenhouse warming.

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Pablo O. Most experimental and modeling studies have focused on the resulting perturbations within Amazonia. Precipitation changes for and land-use scenarios, while significant within deforested areas, do not result in significant regional changes. For temperature significant changes are found within deforested areas and beyond, with major temperature enhancements during winter and spring. Climate change is primarily associated with greenhouse gas GHGs emissions. Nevertheless climate and surface vegetation have bidirectional interactions on different temporal and spatial scales.

effects of tropical deforestation on climate and agriculture pdf

At this smaller scale as well, a critical deforestation threshold exists, beyond which rainfall declines. Future agricultural productivity in the tropics is at risk from a deforestation-induced increase in mean temperature and the associated heat extremes and from a decline in mean rainfall or rainfall frequency.

Effects of tropical deforestation on climate and agriculture

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines deforestation as the "permanent removal of standing forests. Deforestation is the clearing, destroying, or otherwise removal of trees through deliberate, natural, or accidental means. It can occur in any area densely populated by trees and other plant life, but the majority of it is currently happening in the Amazon rainforest.

Deforestation is a primary contributor to climate change. Global models and national greenhouse gas inventories give similar results for deforestation emissions. Growing forests are a carbon sink with additional potential to mitigate the effects of climate change. Some of the effects of climate change , such as more wildfires , may increase deforestation. The vast majority of agricultural activity resulting in deforestation is subsidized by government tax revenue.

Impact of Tropical Deforestation and Forest Degradation on Precipitation over Borneo Island

Tropical forests are a major source of global hydrologic fluxes, profoundly influencing both global and regional climates see Kumagai et al.

Deforestation and climate change

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Lawrence and K. Lawrence , K. Tropical forests provide many ecosystem and climatic services. This Review provides a synthesis of the effects of tropical deforestation on climate and implications for agriculture, both in the tropics and worldwide.

Metrics details. Some evidence suggests that forests attract rain and that deforestation contributes to changes in rainfall and temperature. The evidence, however, is scant, particularly on smaller spatial scales. The specific objectives of the study were: i to evaluate long-term trends in rainfall — and temperature — and their relationships with change in forest cover, and ii to assess the influence of remnant forests and topographical factors on the spatial variability of annual rainfall. This study investigated the forest-rainfall relationships in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia. The study used 16 long-term — and 15 short-term — rainfall and six long term — temperature datasets.

Tropical forests move more water than any other ecosystem on land, turning soil water into moisture in the air, cooling the atmosphere above them. Deforestation​.

Deforestation , clearance , clearcutting , or clearing is the removal of a forest or stand of trees from land that is then converted to non-forest use. The most concentrated deforestation occurs in tropical rainforests. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations defines deforestation as the conversion of forest to other land uses regardless of whether it is human-induced. Net change, therefore, can be positive or negative, depending on whether gains exceed losses, or vice versa.

This study investigates the effect of roads growth toward the deforestation rate in 33 provinces in Indonesia from eight years period of time, A panel data analysis was utilized in order to analyze whether the existence of roads development affected the level of agricultural expansion activity by farmers which eventually determine the level of deforestation. Deforestation rate was set as the dependents variable and the length of roads was set as independent variable, while agriculture GDP, population, labor wage, budget of infrastructure, the price of crops and cost of agriculture production were set as control variable. The results show that growth of roads significantly contributes to loss in forest area or deforestation in Indonesia. Roads development become a driving magnet for forest cover dynamic changes since it is facilitate trade-off between economic activities and environmental damage, the reduction of agriculture production cost and the emerging unofficial roads building.

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