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evangelism plans and strategies pdf

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All of heaven is cheering for the evangelistic fervor and effectiveness of your church, but your actions make a difference.


All of heaven is cheering for the evangelistic fervor and effectiveness of your church, but your actions make a difference. God honors your personal commitment, perseverance, and prayer.

The message is near you, in your mouth and in your heart. Evangelism is not one outreach and done. To be evangelistically effective, you need an evangelism system that permeates your church culture.

Evangelism is relatively easy to do, if you start small and work on it every week. And yes, you will face resistance from the comfortable congregants who like their inward focus. Having a good evangelism system means that your church works strategically, consistently, and on multiple levels to present the gospel.

Here are 10 pieces of an evangelism process that will help your church lead people to Christ regularly. Does your own heart burn for the people in the line at the grocery store who will spend eternity separated from God? Just give me your heart for lost people. You may have heard me tell my story of how that prayer broke my heart and moved me from my comfortable church position in Colorado to plant a church in Southern California.

And you should know that I regularly go into seasons of praying that prayer to renew my heart for people outside the church. As your heart softens and shifts, there are many evangelism-oriented things to pray over. Here are some lists, strategies, and Bible verses to prompt your evangelistically-driven prayers:.

If you believe Jesus, prayer is the first and most important piece in your evangelism system, because it is the Lord who calls people to himself. Light and salt can take the form of random acts of kindness, next door events, and partnering with local agencies. Equipping involves teaching your people to speak the name of Jesus and show his mercy in your city. Yes, I know, you could do wonders if you had more money, but elbow grease, good taste, and friendly social skills cost zero dollars.

Use what God has put in your congregation to make your church an attractive place to be. Do you have someone who meets with a new believer at the end of the service to clarify their commitment to Christ?

Do you set up a follow-up time to meet with them to help them take their first steps in their new relationship with Jesus? Our Next Steps team is already scattered around the auditorium when I ask people to raise their hands if they just asked Christ into their lives.

Then we personalize the new believer process by training Next Step team members to meet personally with each new believer at the time and place most convenient to them.

No doubt you already have a system for discipleship in your church. It includes your weekend services, small groups or Sunday School classes, ministry roles, stewardship, and a smorgasbord of church events.

You know them… stuck somewhere in spiritual adolescence… sometimes acting like an adolescent. The sports analogy knocks it out of the ball park. Guys can relate to it. You can shape your discipleship offerings into a system and strategy with a little thought and prayer, a couple of meetings, and some graphic design and communication. Do your next generation ministries present the gospel on a regular basis and give the children and teens an opportunity to live for Jesus?

It has to be fun and relational, of course, but Next Gen ministry is too critical for fun and size to be your primary priorities. Be intentional about leading the next generation to Jesus, and to maturity in their faith, and you will have a strong evangelistic outlook in your church.

An essential part of an evangelism system is a class that equips your church members to share their faith. We partner with Gospel Colors Outreach because they have a program that trains adults, teens, and kids to share their faith using the 5 colors of the gospel. We love that families go on weekend missions trips to share the gospel together. GCO will train and support the development of an evangelism ministry in your church.

Missions trips in evangelistically effective churches do more than build a house or lead a VBS. The people on the trip go out to lead people to Jesus. When you equip people to share their faith, and let them practice, and make it normal, you release a cadre of evangelists in your church and city. Keep your heart hot for evangelism, my friend, and take small steps to develop an evangelism system in your church.

Do you want to know how to reach your community and grow your church? Start Here to learn more about the resources available for you at PastorMentor. Thank you for this rich article on effective evangelism.

May the Lord enrich you more with wisdom and His knowledge as you reach out to the shepherds. I hope it will result in further fruitfulness for you and your ministry. We are right on time. Our small group has planned of evangelizing after we have finished discussions on several topics and verse extracts from the Bible.

I am very new to this activity and the topics and the strategies presented here are all we need to start our activity. We could learn a lot from these aspects and will introduce these to our group for absorption and learning. Thank you so much and we earnestly pray in the mighty name of Jesus that He will guide us and arm us with the presence of the Holy Spirit so that we could snatch more souls from the enemy. I pray that the peace of God guards our hearts and minds as we continue our spiritual race to eternal salvation.

This is a very excellent and relevant practical material usable anywhere. Thanks for sharing. God richly bless u.

Thank God I found it!. Iam a Filipino at the age of 20 I became the head of Evangelism in our Church. This would help me so much. I started asked for an evamgelist heart when I was 19 God immediately grant this it is so hard because everytime when I go outside riding jeepney, taxi, tricycle, walking on the street even in the line of transportation my heart is telling me to share the Gospel to them. My problem is most of the time I cant follow this heart desire that gives me conviction.

At this moment Im developing a system of evangelism for our church that I need to present this coming Sunday to Board of Directors. I need little prayer for those who read this. Thank you so much. God bless you more than u have! Thank you so much! Thank you for such an interesting article — our heart is to mobilise everyone in our church to share Jesus. I like the clear way you have set out how to achieve this strategically, consistently and specifically good at multiple levels.

Please pray for us as we make this our focus this year. I prayed for you and your church! My goal is to give you usable tools Rosemary. I hope you will find this strategy exceedingly fruitful in your ministry! George Ayine-Ghana Thank you for such inspiring materials for lost souls. May the Lord increase you greatly for his kingdom advancement in Jesus Name! Great job sir. This material has opened my eyes. God bless your ministry. Japheth from Nigeria. It includes all that I need.

God bless your ministry real good and prosper everything you lay your hand on in Jesus name. I believe that putting your writings to work will produce fruits. Thanks, a blessings! Timothy Paul. Thank you sir, I found your materials so helpful and will have a great impact to help in building and growing a new ministry. Thank you so much for encouraging me this morning.

This is enough for me to go out and share Christ now. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Comments Thank you for this rich article on effective evangelism. You are welcome Samuel. This is a great. Every church leader must read this. The materials are relevant to our context today for the Church of Africa. May use get lots of chances to put it to use my friend! Good work may the Lord add strength to you. And to you as well Winston. This is great.

God bless you. Great one. I am blessed with it.

Evangelism plans and strategies pdf

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The article “Planning An Intentional Evangelism Strategy”21 gives practical ways.

Approaches to evangelism

What does it take to begin a relationship with God? Do you need to devote yourself to unselfish religious deeds? Must you become a better person so that God will accept you? Learn how you can know God personally. Take the next step in your faith journey with resources on prayer, devotionals and other tools for personal and spiritual growth.

Christians have used many different approaches to spread Christianity via the practice of evangelism. Christianity began with only a few different evangelistic approaches, but over the years, many different forms of evangelism have been employed by various groups to spread their faith. Many of these forms of evangelism are often employed in only certain parts of the world by Christians in different geographical areas. In particular, most new approaches to evangelism today have arisen out of Europe or the United States , especially when new technologies are used for the effort of evangelism.. Open-air preaching is an approach to evangelism characterized by speaking in public places out in the open, generally to crowds of people at a time, using a message, sermon, or speech which spreads the gospel.

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The Word's Out: Principles and strategies for effective evangelism today

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    The Master Plan of Evangelism reveals the objective of Christ's ministry and His strategy for carrying it out. Coleman focuses on the under-‐lying principles that.

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    At a time of declining church attendance, this book challenges us to understand that evangelism is more important than ever.

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    The church's evangelism strategy begins with the pastor. • If the church is to have a Plan a simple two minute gospel presentation leading into the invitation. • Occasionally The program comes with a manual, training, publicity materials.

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