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Pdf On Climate Change And Agriculture

pdf on climate change and agriculture

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Author Guidelines. Peer Reviewer. Editoral Policies. Contact Us. This research strives to provide answers regarding adaptation patterns of farmers in confronting climate change in Indonesia.

Climate change and agriculture

There is need for sustainable agriculture to meet the increasing demand for food for the growing population in Nigeria. In order to ensure food security, we need to understand the climatic changes around us and how it affects agricultural productivity and rural livelihood.

Climate change and global warming is the current global problem many countries are facing. Emission of green house gases is responsible for global warming and subsequent climate variability. The emission of greenhouse gases from gas flaring, open burning, vehicle emissions, deforestation, and use of solid fossil fuel for cooking are some of the causes of climate change in Nigeria.

Nigeria is still practicing rain fed agriculture which renders her vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. Extreme climatic events such as flooding, extreme heat, and drought has led to soil degradation which results in low crop yields.

Decline in agricultural productivity discourages the farmers and may lead to change in livelihood especially in the rural settings. This can also lead to migration from rural to urban regions thereby affecting development of rural regions in the country. This paper has discussed the causes, effects and mitigation of the effects of climate change in Nigeria. Keywords : Climate change; food security; soil degradation; livelihood; agricultural Productivity.

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Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Agbola A. Fayiga Keywords: Climate change, food security, soil degradation, livelihood, agricultural Productivity. Abstract There is need for sustainable agriculture to meet the increasing demand for food for the growing population in Nigeria. Requires Subscription PDF. Copyright is owned by the faculty of agriculture - Ilorin University. Please use the link above to donate via Paypal.

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Climate Impacts on Agriculture and Food Supply

In recent years, especially with the approach of the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris in late , the number of publications, conferences and meetings on climate change has been growing exponentially. Yet uncertainties remain concerning rural tropical areas where models are forecasting the onset of multiple disorders and trends are unclear. Meanwhile, the impact of climate change on the poorest communities is regularly documented, often prompting alarmist reactions. How can food security be achieved while adapting to and mitigating climate change? What are the main threats to agriculture in developing countries?

The Challenge: The unimpeded growth of greenhouse gas emissions is raising the earth's temperature. The consequences include melting glaciers, more precipitation, more and more extreme weather events, and shifting seasons. The accelerating pace of climate change, combined with global population and income growth, threatens food security everywhere. Agriculture is extremely vulnerable to climate change. Higher temperatures eventually reduce yields of desirable crops while encouraging weed and pest proliferation. Changes in precipitation patterns increase the likelihood of short-run crop failures and long-run production declines. Although there will be gains in some crops in some regions of the world, the overall impacts of climate change on agriculture are expected to be negative, threatening global food security.

pdf on climate change and agriculture

climate change on agriculture and adaptation responses, and mitigation of See​:

Climate Impacts on Agriculture and Food Supply

Moderate warming and more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may help some plants to grow faster. However, more severe warming, floods, and drought may reduce yields. Livestock may be at risk, both directly from heat stress and indirectly from reduced quality of their food supply. Fisheries will be affected by changes in water temperature that make waters more hospitable to invasive species and shift the ranges or lifecycle timing of certain fish species.

Various agricultural stakeholders may respond to climate information differently, and climate scientists may be more effective if they tailor their messages in ways that reduce threats to individual worldviews and increase dialogue among those with differing views. When there is uncertainty regarding potentially threatening phenomena, people tend to look to trusted institutions for guidance, and trust correlates with public support for policy responses Dietz et al. However, groups that profit from the status quo can seek to influence discourse and shape public beliefs Dietz et al. Climate change, and in particular the role of humans as a cause, has been hotly contested, with varied interest groups seeking to frame the issue and potential responses in ways that favor their positions Dunlap ; Weber and Stern While organizations such as the U.

Climate change and agriculture are interrelated processes, both of which take place on a global scale, with the adverse effects of climate change affecting agriculture both directly and indirectly. This can take place through changes in average temperatures , rainfall , and climate extremes e. Climate change is already affecting agriculture, with effects unevenly distributed across the world. Agriculture contributes towards climate change through anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and by the conversion of non-agricultural land such as forests into agricultural land.

Climate Change and Agriculture Worldwide

There is need for sustainable agriculture to meet the increasing demand for food for the growing population in Nigeria. In order to ensure food security, we need to understand the climatic changes around us and how it affects agricultural productivity and rural livelihood. Climate change and global warming is the current global problem many countries are facing.

Key Points

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Effects of climate change on agricultural production and rural livelihood in Nigeria

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Climate Change and Agricultural Ecosystems


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