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Traffic And Road Safety Act Uganda Pdf

traffic and road safety act uganda pdf

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Published: 02.06.2021

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Over the years, Uganda has been one of the low and middle-income countries bearing the heaviest burden of road traffic incidents RTI. Since the proclamation of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety — , a number of measures have been taken to reduce the burden. However, they ought to be premised on existing evidence-based research; therefore, the present review ventures to report the most recent five-year trend of RTI in Uganda.

Road traffic incidents in Uganda: a systematic review of a five-year trend

Their currency and accuracy cannot be warranted. For the purpose of this Act unless the context otherwise requires,. It shall be unlawful for any motor vehicle to pull or draw any other vehicle whatsoever without express permission as may be provided for by regulations unless the vehicle drawn has separate steering apparatus and is controlled by a driver licensed as hereinafter provided. The owner and driver of any motor vehicle so employed shall be guilty of an offence. Provided that a motor dealer's vehicle licence shall not authorise the carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward or of any person not employed by the motor dealer, manufacturer or repairer, as the case may be, or not engaged in testing the vehicle or inspecting the same with a view of purchase. The licensing authority shall assign to each vehicle registered by it a separate registration mark which shall, in accordance with the regulations, consist of letters or numbers or both and shall be affixed to the vehicle in the manner prescribed by regulations.

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The bill among others will strengthen road transport regulation and road safety management in Uganda, address existing challenges such as new and emerging trends, increased number of road users including motorcycles, increased road accidents and the need to conform to the regional and international agreements that Uganda is a signatory to. Also, individuals who repair motor vehicles, manufacture, deal in new, and second hand or reconditioned motor vehicles must be licensed by the Chief Licensing Officer. Drivers of motor vehicles, trailers or engineering plant must secure driving licenses. Driving licenses have replaced driving permits so as to harmonize with the international standards and uniformity whereby most countries in the East African countries including Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania issue driving licenses, the equivalent of driving permits in Uganda. The law also introduces issuance of 5-year driving licenses in addition to the existing ones of 2 and 3 years. Penalties and fines have been enhanced in the law for offences such as over speeding, driving without licenses, speaking on phone while driving.

Traffic and Road Safety Laws & Regulations

Short title. Registrar of Motor Vehicles. Other traffic officers. Certified copies. Use of motor vehicles, etc.

Uganda May 22 May CXI1 No. Uganda, No. And the Diaspora No. This is clearly laid Cap.

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traffic and road safety act uganda pdf

Traffic and Road Safety Act, Act 6. (Amendment) Act. entry, oversight and exit in public transport services in Uganda; to provide for a.

Road Communication Technologies and Road Safety Awareness in Uganda

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